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HMSO logo

Welcome to the Hawaii Military Surfing Organization (HMSO) website. Our goal is pretty simple - to unite military surfers and provide them with an outlet to enjoy surfing and the lifestyle here in Hawaii even though a large majority of members don’t live in the islands. This is truly and International Club! It does not matter what level of surfer you are, what your rank is or was, or branch of service. What matters to us is that you either want to learn to surf or have already caught the surf bug and are now addicted like the rest of us. Only a surfer knows what I mean really. Our common thread is a distinct love and respect of the ocean combined with our dedicated service to our nation. I recommend you surf the website and learn something about who we are, who we accept as members, what our Community Outreach Programs are, and what we stand for as a club. If you think you fit the mold and would like to join up or support the club, then by all means send an email ( or just print out the membership form and mail it in. You’ll notice the club has a robust photo gallery of club member pictures submitted from all over the world with surfers doing all sorts of things from surfing (of course), to working out, to field training for the active folks, to hobbies such as motorcycles or VW’s, to you name it. If it enters the realm of the surfing lifestyle or military service, then we are interested. You can also purchase HMSO Logo Items via Paypal from the website if you are interested on the "Gear" link. Thanks again for visiting us and we look forward to hearing from you. Aloha / Chaz Bowser - President HMSO

Praetorian Motorcycle Club

By now, you may have seen some of our own HMSO members riding around on motorcycles wearing vests adorned with Praetorian Colors as a back patch.  The club is not part of HMSO but I’ve been asked about it (as I am a member) so I thought I’d divulge what I am cleared to divulge to the general public. 

The club is made up entirely of active and retired Special Operations Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and even has a few MARSOC Marines in it.

(Read More...)

Watermans Ball Award

Crap Board Urban Legend – Finally the Truth!

OK, time to dispel a rumor, myth, legend, or theory… Years ago I had an idea. That idea was to have a board purposely airbrushed to look old. You know, coffee stain colored, with obvious dings and repairs, leaking water sucked thru the stringers causing swelling and discoloration, delaminating, heat bubbles, duct-tape repairs, etc. Really crappy looking! (Read More...)

Surf Photographs - Discounts for HMSO Members

HMSO wants to fully endorse and support the "Water Sniper" here on Oahu. The company is owned and operated by Warren Wallis, former US Special Operator & disabled combat veteran now retired and dedicated to shooting the finest professional quality surf photographs for the everyday surfer on Oahu. Trading in his gun, Warren is in the water armed today with only a set of swim fins, a helmet, a rash-guard, and a professional grade Canon Camera with a Telephoto, Wide-Angle, and a Fish-Eye lens. Using a custom built Del Mar Water Housing, his goal is to shoot the everyday surfer and bring the same quality photographs seen on the covers of Surf Magazines at a fraction of the cost currently available. Photographers are typically doing this now charging $35, $50, and even up to $75 for photographs of similar quality. Warren will do the same for only $25 per photo and HMSO Members get another $5 discount on top of that." For the price of a decent lunch on Oahu, you can have that high quality surf photograph of yourself you always wanted. His business goes live officially on 1 January 2010 but you may see him in the local line-up testing equipment and keeping his skills sharp. Look for the Orange "Gath" Helmet and Yellow Water Housing on his camera. He is also available at a group rate (perfect for that unit surf PT session) or for hourly blocks of time. Email the Water Sniper at "" if you have any questions.

Box Jellyfish. These things truly suck. They are truly the terrorist’s of the Ocean. For about 7 to 11 days after a full moon, the come into Southern Shores of the islands to spawn. They look like the tip of a clear condom floating in the water and are about the same size and they don’t float on the surface for the most part. Super hard to see! Other types of Jellyfish such as Portuguese Man-O-War or a few other species also visit the Island Chain. These are typically bigger and easier to see due to colors and typically float. Read More...

UPDATE to Illegal Shark Feeding / STOP THE SHARK TOURS!

KITV News in Honolulu Reports the following:

Wounded Warriors

SSG Robert Heiber
SSG Robert Heiber,was wounded while conducting Scout Sniper operations. He received shrapnel wounds from an enemy mortar round. Read more Read More

HMSO History

Founded by a group of military surfers with the sole purpose of forming a group with common interest. Not a rebellion, but merely a way for service members returning from the Vietnam Conflict to band together as surfers and enjoy their favorite recreational activity. Read moreRead More

Some Basic Surfing Rules for New Surfer
Here are some basic rules for new surfers (and old surfers) / this list is not all encompassing but it gives you some basics to work with. Read the Rules Here


We Are Making A Difference

Providing college educations to surviving children of fallen Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps special operations personnel who lose their lives in combat or training. Providing immediate financial assistance for special operations personnel severely wounded in action.
Mele Kalikimaka!
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2-27 Infantry "Wolfhound" Board Donation

img img img

In midst of the seemingly endless cycle of deployments for our fellow service members, an idea was born on the island of Oahu. A notion to give back to those who have given and continue to give so much, inspired by the freedom we share as Americans that is literally provided through the efforts of the few, gave origin to the concept. Derived from the mind of a true patriot, Johnny Moore, the owner of Strong Current Surf Shop and Grass Skirt Grille in the town of Haleiwa, Hawaii, a board was conceived. Read More...


HMSO T-Shirt - $20.00

Sponsors Strong Current North Shore Surf Museum Davesurf Productions, LLC

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